Rider: Nathan Mesiti

First of all I would like to thank all the designers at bike surgeon for materializing the race bike of my dreams. Chris and Dave, thank you for all your insight and wisdom in recommending parts and pieces that would work in symphony complementing the overall theme.

Inspiration for this build was prompted through watching the 2014 Tour de France. I was impressed with certain riders doing well on multiple terrains, not just the sprints. I started to take notice of what bikes those riders were riding and set out to test drive multiple high-end American and Italian made bikes. After riding multiple brands, testing each bike for about two weeks, the last bike I rode was the legendary Colnago C59. The same bike that team Europcar rider Thomas Voeckler aggressively attacks the pro-peloton with. The C59 was truly like no other bike I had ever ridden. Where other brands and models shined in one or two specific aspects the C59 shined supreme in the major four areas (cruising at speed, climbing, descending and sprinting). The C59 is an extremely rigid bike that has a perfect 50-50 front/rear balance. The bike climbs like it’s floating and descends so confidently like it’s on rails. The weight of the bike is perfect for efficiently cruising at and maintaining speed. Where some other bikes I test road were ultralight actually adversely affected my ability to maintain consistent speed. On these ultralight bikes a gust of wind would blow and quickly decrease my speed which made my efforts increase as I brought the bike back up to my desired cruising speed. However the lightweight C59, with an overall build weight of 15.3 pounds, maintained speed with the ease. Another noteworthy aspect is the ride quality. Colnago uses the highest level of Toray carbon called “Omega” in which makes the C59 extremely rigid however the ”lugged” frame design allows the road vibrations to be dissipated at those lug points. The overall capabilities of the C59 simply outperformed the other monocoque frames I rode. An added bonus to the frame was the rare Art Decor paint job with old-school original 1954 Colnago badging honoring its extensive race history.

After the frame was decided upon the components needed to complement and work in symphony with the overall theme and a complete Campagnolo Super Record groupset would be the only drivetrain that would do. I decided to go with the Ultra Torque version of the crank with ceramic bearings that are accompanied by Speedplay Titanium Nano pedals. Other components were Specialized S-Works shall abandon handlebars, customized beaded cabling with Italian flag accents, Zipp SL Sprint stem (the same that Mark Cavendish and Tom Boonen use), Garmin 810 EDGE computer. Because the C59 excels in climbing and descending I decided to put a “climbers” wheel set on it the unbelievably fast ZIPP 202 Firecrest. The 202’s are like greased lightning and have such an extremely low rolling resistance. They spin forever. Plus, if you have ever heard ZIPP’s spin they have the toughest sound. If Harley Davidson made a wheel set this would be the sound they would make. Finishing off the build I wanted to go with the custom-built saddle. I had been riding the Specialized Roman Evo Pro carbon saddle and wanted to continue with that geometry. Chris and Dave suggested we had a saddle made from a custom builder Leh Seats Supply and Manufacturing.

Dave at Bike Surgeon helped me to design the theme of the saddle we went with white Italian Nassa leather with the Colnago ace of clubs on the left side of the seat and my Italian name “Coraggio” (means courage) on the right side of the saddle. The nose of the saddle was decorated with flames to complement the hand-painted artwork flames on the C59 frame and seatpost.

The overall build is absolutely stunning. Thank you Bike Surgeon for bringing my dreams to reality!