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HANDBUILT  Custom Built Bikes, Utilizing the Latest Technology, Crafted Expertly for You

HandBuilt; the latest service offered by Bike Surgeon that takes “custom built” to a whole new level. HandBuilt offers the most comprehensive level of consultation, service, and fit available in the industry. Regardless of rider experience, riding style, or individual preferences, the HandBuilt method not only provides you with the information and knowledge to make the most informed purchasing decision possible, but also offers an experience uniquely tailored to you. 

One of the key characteristics of our HandBuilt service is product selection.  We realize that in the ever-changing landscape of brands, hot products, and online vendors; we might not always be able to offer you the product/brand you envisioned or provide the lowest pricing on your ideal build mix.  We also know that wading through the endless custom build options on your own brings a level of complexity that most would rather not struggle through.  What we offer is our industry leading expertise, helping you get the best of all worlds. We provide the full custom experience along with the security of working with professionals on product selection, precision assembly, and fit to ensure your build is perfect when completed, while still having the flexibility to use the entire array of products available within the cycling industry. 

Beginning with an individualized session with one of our consultation experts, we learn about your experiences as a rider, your future goals, and your unique needs and wants.  After we have formed a foundation, we then schedule a bike sizing.  This consists of an initial off-the-bike physical assessment, which is performed using the Body Geometry Fit Method. This method allows us to identify your body’s unique physical attributes and then incorporate those into an in-depth size determination using the Retül Müve SL Professional Bike Fitting System.

At the conclusion of the sizing process our in-house experts provide consultative recommendations on the entire build package for your new bike including specific component mix, frame recommendations, fit numbers for frame size, saddle size, handlebar width, stem length and angle, as well as crank-arm length and gear ratio.

Surgeon pros then handle ordering your selected build providing a seamless purchasing experience; or if you would prefer, you can procure your own build kit using a provided component list including specific manufactures SKU’s to ensure the exact parts for your bike arrive the first time. 

Our certified techs will then expertly assemble your new bike with precision, care, and attention to the smallest detail including our 72 point custom build protocol; optimizing all aspects of the bike for your exact fit specifications and goals, ensuring optimum efficiency from the final product.  

Finally, our Body Geometry Fit Techs will provide a full Body Geometry FIT on your new bike to insure the most comfortable, powerful, and efficient ride imaginable. We use this opportunity to dial in the final details and ensure every last adjustment is custom set for you.

HandBuilt: It’s all about the experience. Your experience, building the ride of your dreams through the HandBuilt process and our decades of experience making sure that your ride is perfect.  


  • Includes:
    • Custom fit, ride, and build consultation sessions; Detailed professional product recommendations: $249
    • Retül Sizing: $99
    • Body Geometry Fit: $299
    • Professional 72 Point Custom Build: $249
      • If you elect to purchase your complete HandBuilt custom build from Bike Surgeon we will deduct $500 of the HandBuilt fee off the purchase price of your new bike.

Fit. Fix. Fun.

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